Chapter Six: Digitizing, Creating, and Editing Data

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Chapter Goals

  1. Define and explain manual or hardcopy digitizing
  2. Define and explain heads-up or on-screen digitizing
  3. Explain when manual or heads-up digitizing might be used
  4. Define and explain Remote Sensing
  5. Know when remotely sensed images are used in GIS
  6. Define spatial resolution
  7. Define temporal resolution
  8. Define and explain basemaps
  9. Define and explain georeferencing
  10. Know when georeferencing is necessary
  11. Generally describe the process of georeferencing
  1. Generally describe the process/steps of creating a new shapefile or feature class
  2. Define and explain geocoding and reverse geocoding
  3. Define GPS
  4. Recognize GPS data collection applications for GPS recievers and smartphones/tablets
  5. Define and explain crowdsourcing
  6. Define and explain direct feature editing and attribute table editing
  7. Know the difference between the Define Tool and the Project Tool, including when to use each one
  8. Define and explain geographic transformation, including when and when not to use one
  9. Know the difference between Field Calculator and Calculate Geometry, including when to use each one