Chapter Five - Attribute Tables and External Data

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Chapter Goals

  1. Understand and be able to fill in the labels for the parts of the attribute table
  2. Understand and define FIDs and OIDs
  3. Know, in general, what kind of actions are contained in the table options menu, the field header menu, and the table action buttons
  4. Define and explain the seven kinds of field types
  5. Define and explain select by location
  6. Define and explain both layers (in the traditional sense) and Esri .lyr files
  7. List some of the actions taken with selected data
  8. Define and explain Structured Query Language (SQL)
  9. Know the basic form of a simple SQL query (excluding the part which ArcGIS automatically provides)
  10. Define and explain the four selection methods
  11. Define and explain comparison operators and logical operators
  12. Define and explain a complex SQL query
  13. Define and explain the three logical operator
  1. Know the form of a complex SQL query
  2. Define and explain select by location
  3. Provide an example for a time to use select by location
  4. Define and explain interactive selection
  5. Define and explain table joins and relates
  6. Explain the difference between a table join and relate
  7. Explain the result of a table join and relate
  8. Define and explain data relationships
  9. Explain and define the purpose of table join validations
  10. Define and explain spatial joins
  11. Define and explain classifiation
  12. Briefly explain reflectance classification
  13. Briefly explain the additive and subtractive color theories
  14. Define the five types of numeric classification (equal interval, quantile, Jenk's Natural, mean-standard deviation, and custom)