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Section Five - Uses of GIS

City planning is just one of hundreds of uses for GIS. Natural sciences, crime analysis, health services, emergency services, and even route planning for delivery vehicles, GIS is capable of enhancing almost every area of our lives. We use GIS to get to a new store on our smartphones and in-dash GPS units; the police (specifically, crime analysts) use GIS to find patterns in various crimes to determine when and where they should assign extra officers; health services use GIS to follow an outbreak of disease; biologists use GIS to find suitable habitat based upon all the factors that best suit a species; geologists use GIS to map soil formations and historic geologic events; and companies like UPS and FedEx use GIS to create a best-route scenario for their trucks to make deliveries using the least amount of gas and time and to drive their UAV delivery proposals.

Here is a list of GIS uses in the real world: