ArcMap Layout Toolbar

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Layout Toolbar

When ArcMap is switched from Data View to Layout View, a new toolbar appears. This toolbar includes options to adjust the view of the whole page, not the data within. For example, if you are working on a corner of your layout, attempting to line up the legend and credits in a neat, clean way, you could zoom in to that corner, using the page zoom in tool. When you are ready to move to another section, you can use the page pan tool.

  • If the layout toolbar is missing, add it from: Customize Menu > Toolbars > Layout
  • In order to pan and zoom the data within a data frame, it is necessary to use the pan and zoom tools found in the Tools toolbar

Page Zoom In

Use the Page Zoom In tool to draw a box and zoom to a portion of the layout

Page Zoom Out

Use the Page Zoom Out tool to draw a box and zoom out from a portion of the layout

Page Pan

Use the Page Pan tool to move the entire page around in layout view

Zoom Whole Page

Use Zoom Whole Page to center the entire page at a zoom level where the entire page is shown.
*Use this button when you’ve “lost” you work. This button is the layout version of “Full Extent”, found in the Tools Toolbar

Zoom to 100%

This tool will set the zoom level to 100%, regardless if the whole page can be seen or not.

Page Fixed Zoom In

Use this button to zoom in in a stepped manner.

Page Fixed Zoom Out

Use this button to zoom out in a stepped manner

Page Last Extent

This button will move through the last zoom levels, similar to using the “back” button in a web browser.

Page Next Extent

This button will move through the next zoom levels, similar to the using the “next” button in a web browser.

Zoom Level (Percentage)

This dropdown both shows the current zoom level in percent, but also allows for specific zoom levels to be chosen. A custom zoom level can be set by typing the number in the box (10% - 1000%)

Toggle Draft Mode

This button will toggle the “draft mode” option. Draft mode will pause all drawing, showing just grey box with the data frame name. This is handy when the data is complicated or numerous, and you don’t need to see the data to set the layout, such as when creating and placing legends, north arrows, and additional text boxes.

Focus Data Frame

Puts the currently outlined data frame into focus, making it the target for graphics and text.

Change Layout

Changes the layout to a predefined template. Handy if you’ve created a custom template, complete with legend, title, credits, and company logo.

Data Driven Pages Toolbar

Launches the “Data Driven Pages” toolbar, a method to create multiple layouts from a single data source. Creates “Mapbooks” and utilizes the extensive dynamic text options.