Toolbars - Overview

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ArcMap contains a series of toolbars a user can choose to show or hide, depending on the tasks at hand. Most often, almost all of the toolbars are hidden in both ArcMap and ArcCatalog, with the exception of the StandardTools, and Editor toolbars in ArcMap, and the Standard and Geography toolbars in ArcCatalog.

While there is no “right” or “wrong” way to display toolbars in ArcGIS, the user should note that an excessive amount of toolbars lead to reduced screen size and thus reduced visibility, as well as sluggish performance on some computers.

Toolbars can be docked or removed along the four sides of the display in ArcGIS. When a toolbar is docked or removed, ArcGIS “remembers” this configuration from session to session on the same computer, but if a user saves their MXD to an external media source, then opens a project on another computer, it should be noted the toolbar configuration is displayed for the current computer, not the computer the MXD was saved on.

ArcMap Toolbars (Click on a toolbar to learn more about it)

Standard Toolbar

Editor Toolbar

Tools Toolbar

Layout Toolbar

ArcCatalog Toolbars

Standard Toolbar

Geography Toolbar