Creating a Map Layout from Start to Finish - Grouping and Aligning Map Elements

Primary tabs

Grouping and Aligning Map Elements in Layout View

In addition to using guide lines, another excellent way to insure the elements in your map's layout are neatly lined up are to use the align and grouping options. Align will align items to either the margins or each other while grouping items will create one larger item which contains several smaller items. However you line them up prior to grouping is how they will group together.

Let's look at how we'd group a text box that says "Map Scale:" with a dynamic scale text box.

Grouping Items

  1. First add some scale text
  1. Then add a text box with the words "Map Scale:"
  1. Snap both items to a guideline
  1. Click on the text box, the holding down the Ctrl key on the keyboard, click on the scale text
  1. Right click on both items and choose "Group"

Aligning Items

Items can be aligned to the margins of the page, like if you wanted to center a title on a page, or to other items, like if you want to center an image to a rectangle you drew. To align items to the margins:

  1. First, add an element like a title.
  1. Right click on the title, mouse down to "Align", and select "Align to Margins" from the resulting menu.
  1. Right click on the title again, mouse down to "Align", then this time, pick "Align Center"