Connecting to Folders

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Connecting to Folders

In order to see inside your folders, you need to give ArcGIS “permission” to look inside those folders. We call the permission action "connect to folder". In ArcGIS, this is an active process, with the need to connect to each folder you wish to use. The process does, however, honor all folders below the folder you connect to, which means that if you grant permission for the C: folder on a computer, you can access everything saved on the C drive. You can’t, though, connect to “Computer” and access everything. You need to connect to each drive folder, if that is what you’d like to do.

For this class, we will connect to the GIS 101 folder right from the beginning. As long as you sit at the same machine each week, you shouldn’t have to connect each time (only if the permission is forgotten), but you move from machine to machine, you will have to reconnect to see your work.

  • Note: You need to connect to a folder, not a layer, not a geodatabase, and not an MXD. When you are looking at the connect box, just find your GIS101 folder, click to highlight, and click OK to connect.
  • In order to disconnect from a folder, right click on it’s name in ArcCatalog and choose “Disconnect Folder”